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Clowns - A menace to Society

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Not as funny as they think!

Clowns are not funny - they are evil and should be destroyed.

They spread fear and custard wherever they go, sending sane people into a frenzy of hatred.

If you see a clown - please punch him in the face and ask him if he thinks it's funny. Then kick him in the nuts - then take a photo and send it to me.

Get it out of your system - click here and kill a clown.

The true face of clowning

This page was written in anger and I reserve the right to spell words written with true emotion any way I like

Why I'm Scared of clowns

At the tender age of five, I was delighted to discover my school had arranged a trip to the circus.

We boarded the coach, chattering excitedly and rushed to get the best seats. As the coach trundled to its happy destination a car suddenley pulled out of a side road forcing the coach to swerve and hit another vehicle.

I was thrown from my seat behind the driver and hit my head on a fire extinquisher, knocking me unconcious. As luck would have it I was the only child injured, and the coach was undamged, so we continued to our cheery destination.

By the time we reached the circus I had regained conciousness, but was suffering from concussion and double vision - causing me to throw up about once every 5 minutes.

Not wanting to spoil the trip for everyone else my teachers decided that I would be ok and didn't need to go to hospital.

The only thing I remeber clearly from the whole show is horribly distorted clown faces looming up at me with thier stupid red noses.

Since then I have hated the sight of clowns.

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Clowns are not funny or clever and should be destroyed