Wez's Stuff
Useful bits to download

Handy free programs

Cold harbour ACW wargame rules

Things for online gaming

Roger Wilco - get that microphone out and actually use it!

Wally the wad maker

Check out your xp key

Pingtool - find those gaming servers with ease

Bind those keys - the easy way

Other useful programs

Save on phone calls with icq

Stop that hacker with AtGuard Firewall

Increase your download speed with DAP

A couple of Shareware games


Colonization windows upgrade

Championship Manager 2

My Counterstrike maps

de_farm (small and violent kill happy map)

de_eaglesnest (fun in the snowy Bavarian mountains)

cs_eaglesnest (More Bavarian fun - with hostages this time)

cs_soup (I like this one - It's gloomy and sneaky - so not good if you want loads of kills)

as_streetfight is frustrating with lots of ways for people to get behind you, so quite enjoyable for an as_ map

cs_inflames - new map for new clan - storm the InFlames castle to rescue the hostages

de_taliban - fun in the desert sands, romping in the caves and the rocks - oh the many, many rocks.

de_sfal rock that disco....with a pile of C4!!

Current mapping projects are de_freighter (which I'll finish one day)and de_nfb

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