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On this page I'll include links to other sites that have to do with my stuff - first a few online gaming links for counterstrike

D.O.G. website

Good counterstrike maps page

How to play counterstrike

Bots for counterstrike

Official counterstrike page including downloadable version of game

Find your online gaming pals

Clanbase - for all your online gaming needs

Other game page links

Lots of shareware stuff

Music is an important part being idle and sitting around - so here are some related links

Latest version of winamp and many pretty skins

Find that CD cover

As promised - useful wargaming links!

A site with many useful links

Wargamers search engine

Sites that are just funny

Silly cartoon page - some of it is in German - but well worth a visit - just click on update links

Peters Evil Overlord page - excellent reading

If you feel bad about yourself - go here to feel better

Play Scaletrix online

A quiet game of online golf?

Friends Homepages

Pauls Homepage

Overlags cs map page

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