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Online Gaming Instructions Page

On this page, I'll include one or more sets of instructions that may help others get involved in or become more proficient at my hobby.

It is important to eat huge piles of greasy food and smoke vast amounts of cigarettes to get into the right frame of mind

Getting started

Step 1: Sit small daughter on Big settee and switch on cable TV

an unreachable dream of lazyness?

Homer - an Icon of idleness

Step 2: Make coffee and light cigarette.

Step 3: Switch on Athlon 2600 computer and connect to internet

Step 4: Find some online buddies 

Step 5: Play into early hours of morning until you have a headache and are falling asleep - don't forget to send small daughter to bed when Nicelodeon finishes, or she may start wanting you to feed her.

Tools and Materials

Athlon 1.3 computer
Cable Modem
Big settee
Small daughter
Cable television

Other Tips

Feed the small daughter before logging onto internet or she may disturb you.
Make sure she has vast quantities of sweets and soft drinks to keep her going.
Watch the time carefully, 'cos she's not gonna tell you when it's her bedtime.

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