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Painting Figures

Research carefully the uniforms of the figures you are painting - there are actually some usefull links for this on links page.
Make sure you have a good selection of brushes and paints to complete your paint jobs.
Undercoat your units with spray paint and arrange then all around the room, making as much mess as possible.
Leave figures for 3 months 'til you're really bored one day.
Paint base colours on figures. Only do a small number at once, otherwise it seems a never ending task.
Use a very dark brown wash on figures to give depth to paintwork.
Dry brush figures to bring out highlights.
Varnish and base figures and feel very pleased with yourself.
When army is completed, play with once and place in cupboard and forget about them, 'cos you've got interested in something else.
Remember figures in cupboard 6 months later and sell at less than purchase value to buy new figures for army you've become interested in.
Repeat process for rest of life.

my house

Here's an example of a tip - it could easily be my living room


Like all fat lazy gits I enjoy cooking. I was trained as a chef and spent a few years working in restaraunts and so I am quite good at it.
Cooking may seem to be quite an energetic hobby - but that's only if you actually wash up. You can soon make your kitchen into a wasteland where visitors fear to go, thus saving you the trouble of cooking for anyone else.

Tips on Exercise


Idleness and Women

Women cannot be trusted, no matter how wonderful they are they will make you tidy up. This is EXERCISE and will ruin your figure. Is she worth it?

Women want sex. You may think this only means 15 seconds of exercise and is worthwhile. This is not true. Women want pleasure too, and even with the turn on of your attractively rounded figure, this could take all night. This is EXERCISE - are you ready to give up your quest for roundness and early death for this?

Women want to go shopping. You may believe them when they say that they are just popping to town for 15 minutes, but it is a lie. Even if they have no money they will drag you around the shops for 3 hours deciding what to buy when they have money. This is not only EXERCISE, but is boring as well. Can you face this?


Chiana from Farscape may be an interesting and bubbly Australian woman - but is she worth the EXERCISE

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