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Looking backward...

History of My Stuff

Some hobbies have a rich history or background. Some don't. I don't know many interesting train spotters! My warganming hobby has been around since I was 9 and opened my first box of Airfix Romans, I've had a computer since the ZX Spectrum came out, and I've always been into music.
I have five children and step children with 2 different mothers and 3 different fathers, but all inter-related. I live with my youngest daughter Colette - who I am very proud of, and my oldest Stepson Jim who I'm sure has his computer hard-wired into his brain.

homer is god

My Background

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I'm getting on towards middle age, I sometimes forget to shower and I smoke too much. I don't drink at all, though I used too and I've never taken drugs. I like Fish and chips and drink too much coffee. I have no girlfriend - I believe its impossible for any female to be able to put up with lazynesss and untidyness. I've done many different jobs - too many to go into and I have many qualifications, but I enjoy my life as a lazy layabout.
   I play Bss Guitar in a pub rock band called D.O.G. - at least it gets me out :)

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