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Some of our regular players



Wez is one of the oldest Reapers, he is usually smelly and overweight from eating too many pies. He claims this helps in his airsofting because his bulk helps steady his shots. He can be surprisingly quiet and sneaky because of his country upbringing. He also plays bass in a local Grimsby rock band.

Age: 43
Guns owned: ICS M16, ICS M4 CQB, Mauri G36c, Classic Army CA 36, KSC Glock 19 - Currently destroying a JG Dragunov to create a VSS
Favourite terrain: Woodland
Favourite camo: CADPAT


Andy is nearly as old as Wez, but is a lot slimmer and doesn't eat as many pies. He has a very little hair which helps cut down his wind resistance.

Age: Quite Old
Guns owned: Mauri Sig, G&G SR16, Marui Biohazard Samurai pistol
Favourite terrain: Woodland
Favourite camo: Flecktarn




Jim is the sort of player that always volunteers for point duty, and always likes to be where the action is hottest. He also does some very mad things (see his famous fence jumping somersault at Free fire zone linked on the 'past away games' page).

Age: 21
Guns owned: Classic army M24 - and - Well it was an MC51.....
Favourite terrain: Urban
Favourite camo: Anything that looks terrorist
Favourite quote: 'Yes I know it was stupid, but people laughed'






Although a keen airsofter, Chris is poorer than a church mouse and does not currently own a gun. He did however recently stop eating pies, making him a lot faster and fitter, and unlike Wez, he doesn't have to walk everywhere.

Age: Slightly older than Wez
Guns owned: Whatever gun he can borrow
Favourite terrain: Hilly
Favourite camo: Austrian



Neil is another Musician and sings in the same band as Wez. He enjoys airsoft, but can't go as often as he would like due to other commitments. He also eats too many pies.

Age: Fairly old
Guns owned: G3SAS, Desert Eagle
Favourite terrain: Woodland
Favourite camo: Flecktarn, Croation and anything that is unusual.



Being a postman, Mike is fairly fit, though he does enjoy the odd Pizza or Curry.

Age: 36
Guns owned: TM G36c, Ca Aug, Ca M14 scout and TM sig 226 pistol
Favorite terrain: Woodland
Favorite Camo: Splinter pattern
Quote : fire in the hole

Andy Van


Overweight unfit thats why i want to be a sniper so i dont have to run around alot. But sometimes when im usually high on caffine i dont mind running round like an idiot and shoot off a few thousand rounds.

Age: 28
Guns owned: BE L96 ICS AK74 MK23 Socum TM G3SG1 KWC Mac 11 KWC 357 Colt Python
Favourite terrain: Trees god damn it trees
Favourite camo: British dpm Boring i know



Tim has only recently discovered airsoft, but due to his experience of online gaming is already quite a decent player.

Age: 19
Guns owned: JG Aug
Favorite terrain: Scubland, hilly
Favorite Camo: Splinter pattern
Favorite quote : Hit - Medic - Dead man walking







Kurt is also a musician. A man with too much time on his hands, he has offered to make a far better site for us. However, this one will still stay up to help with updates and reviews.

GUNS OWNED:ICS M4/M203 launcher, TM MP5 SD, ICS M4 Para, G&P M4 spec-ops CQB, KSC M11 Ingram, Glock 17, CA more that i cant remember at the moment.
TERRAIN: Woodland
CAMO: US Woodland

Letty Wez


Letty is our youngest member and daughter of a very proud Wez. As well as airsoft she is a great music lover - click on her name to go to her MYSPACE music page.
Age: 14
Guns owned: Mauri Uzi 9mm and G36C
Favourite terrain: Open Urban
Favourite camo: Flecktarn and DPM