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This is a diary of places we've been - hopefully with a few pictures.

Free Fire Zone May 6th 2007

It was a 2 hour Journey to Fire Support, but well worth the trip. The morning started with a capture the flag scenario across the Spinny at the top of the site. There followed another capture the flag scenario across wooded and hilly terrain between 2 bunkers. We then broke for dinner. The afternoon was a long campaign game across the entire site. The Reapers were on the Blue team. Our objectives were to move a Mortar into position, recon the enemy bunkers, attack and destroy the enemy bunkers and then rescue and recover a hostage. The game went well, the only real glitch for the blue team was losing their base (bunker 5), unfortunately manned by 4 very outnumbered Reapers.

The marshals were very competent, giving clear instructions and trying to keep the games running smoothly.

This site is a little difficult to find, but is friendly and well attended (120 players when we went). Particular good points were the yellow gun socks to indicate a player dead or out of play, and the re spawn points equipped with a cheap kitchen clock to time the re spawns.

The site was also pretty cheap at 15, and even with the shared cost of petrol was well worth the money.


120 armed idiots
120 armed idiots

Make-up time
Make-up time

Late as usual
Late as usual

Lunch in the sun
Lunch in the sun


FFZ site info

Phoenix Woodland 10th June 2007

I know it was supposed to be Phoenix Urban, but unfortunately vandals burnt down the embassy and because of demolishing work, it was unsafe to use the site.

After spending the morning on the motorway waiting for the RAC to find us a new wheel, we finally arrived at lunch time. Kurt and James had already played the first game, but the the Louth mob were running late as well. The game we missed involved gathering medic bags for the afternoon game, unfortunately we only got 2, the opposition had gathered 6.

The afternoon began with us protecting our 'talcum powder' factory, which we did with great success. The second game we attacked the government base, because of the lack of medics, we had to set up first aid posts well behind our lines and drag the casualties to the medics. Again we won after a good fight up the hill and into the village. The last game of the day had us defending again. First a trench line, then after dying, a bunker system and finally another bunker system to the rear (which the enemy never reached).

The day was well run, with good marshaling and well thought out games. The 70 or so people who turned up were all pretty friendly and worked together well. A site we have visited before and will no doubt visit again.

Entrance fee was 20 - well worth it for the decent site and the beauty of the surroundings.


Waiting for the RAC


PC in his usual pose

Exhausted after an afternoons Reaping

Phoenix site info

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