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Halloween 2005 at Goxhill village hall..
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Before browsing this site you ought to know we have a 'proper' site now with an address you can remember..

D.O.G. official web site...

But this one has still got a lot more pictures..

   D.O.G. are a rock band playing mainly 70's and 80's classics along with a few songs of our own. We are experienced musicions and have all played in various local bands for many years. We see D.O.G.as a project to get all that old rock out of our systems - theres nothing like a bit of old 'Free', or ACDC to get the temperature rising and the beer flowing.
   There are a few clues thoughout this site to give you an idea of what D.O.G. stands for - but mainly we stand for having a good time, and we hope you do too.....

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