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The formative years...

Hmm - formative years, well Wez, Bez and Nige have been together on and off for around 12 years, starting as Avatar (we must have had Delusions Of Grandeur). Pat has been around for about 5 years and Neil joined us about a year or so ago. Nige has played bass as well as drums in various line-ups and Wez used to sing, but Neil is much better....
  For the origianal line-up of this band you can go here:

D.O.G. - when they were Avatar (stuff recorded in 1992 (ish))

   Our original second guitarist; Ian Whittley; left to go to university and we lost touch with our old bass player Robert Mann. Wez got married, which meant he wasn't allowed to jump around on stage in front of lots of women any more and the band looked doomed to fade away...
   After five years of marriage, Wez emerged, divorce in hand and Nige found a new bass player and gutarist in ex KNEK members Pat Wilbourne and Carl Landymore. After a lot of practice and a few gigs it was Bez's turn to disappear for a while, with the birth of his kids (Dirty Old Git). While he was gone Carl was offered a place in a new band and Bez started gigging with Felix Moosegrass (a rather fine blues/rock band based in Barton and Hull). He came back with a drummer, so Nige took over bass. The drummer left and we found a fine singer in Neil Evans (ex Bash Street Kids, Pulse, Darklight and several other popular local bands), Nige went back to drums and Wez locked himself away for 10 weeks and re-learned bass guitar (he was a bass player before he was a singer - he just cant do both at once). So this is the current and hopefully final lie-up....
Vocals - Neil Evans
Guitar - Chris Salisbury (Bez)
Guitar - Pat Wilbourne
Bass - Steve Wesley (Wez)
Drumes - Nige Portas
A real bunch of Dodgy Old Geezers we are too...