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Halloween 2005 at Goxhill village hall..
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Related Links

Heres a couple of links - I'll try to think of some more - maybe you'll end up with hundreds......


Scunthorpe band Adrenalin

Wez's home page

Scunthorpe Band Silverscene

P.S.S. - a very helpful local music shop (thanks for the link Pete)

Electromusic in Doncaster

Download and listen to Phil Crowders music - or buy a cd...

Carnival Inn in Barton - I linked this because of thier efforts to support live music...

Scunthorpe band Zero Damage

Fizgig - a gig guide for the Lincolnshire area

Local Grimsby band 'Stuck In The Middle"

Another fine local band - Strange Brew

Local band "Feedback"

Purple Suzes Homepage